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The Color Code

The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life - Taylor Hartman

 Red = Power         White = Peace

Blue = Intimacy         Yellow = Fun



Motives are Power, Productivity/Logic, resist things that don't interest them, want to look good to others (knowledge, respect). They don't say "in my opinion" or "I think" and they seem antagonistic to others. They can be control freaks--like to lead.



Motives are Doing Good, Altruism, Selflessness. They crave intimacy and nurturing. They are loyal and perfectionists/obsessive. They want to be listened to and will reveal inadequacies openly so they can be known and understood. They are okay being vulnerable. They have a strong moral conscience/integrity. CONS: nurturing can be mistaken for distrust (ie. spying on employees), they are extremely self-disciplined and always seek purpose in life. They give more, but forgive least, carry resentment and have strings attached. They are filled with worry, anxiety, self doubt, and are guilt-ridden. They care a lot about manners/propriety and don't like wasted time (will multitask!). They envy or resent others who don't work as hard and can get in a moody and emotional rut. They are can be pious or self-righteous and insecure. 



Keep the peace and want to feel good (vs. being good). They are kind, keep a low profile, just want to be left alone (vs. control others). They are passive--you have to ask for their opinions. They are independent, will do things in their own way on their own time. They may grow resentful or "blow up" if forced otherwise. They are open to other people's suggestions. 



Value play, need praises/to be valued. They like physical intimacy, are popular, and are driven by action/adventure.


How to Improve:

1) Identify Universal Truths

2) Free Will

3) Other Human Influences


 "Character is developed over years by personal design and commitment to life principles."


Binding Behaviors (limit character development)


inflexible, overbearing         unkind/sarcasm      judgmental

unappreciative of others        always right        too task-oriented



overly sensitive/take things personally      unrealistic expectations

put themselves last      judge others manners      critical of lie choices



easily overwhelmed by life      afraid to be honest      too independent

too weak to take a stand         silently stubborn       insecure

won't set goals            helpless/inadequate        passive-aggressive



flighty         flippant/rude         irresponsible

don't focus      refuse leadership      emotionally dishonest


Character Code:

Becoming Charactered = getting rid of the faults of your character colors and adopting the strengths of others.


To become charactered:

1) Value Yourself--Fill your time with activities that make you happy.

      Avoid excuses...(Red/blue: productivity=value, worth=success, unrealistic expectations, work is more important than play)

      Service by someone who values themselves has no strings--it's acceptance instead of expectations.


2)Seek Universal Truth

   Commit to timeless concepts: Humility, Base your heart on what is important, Boundaries, Accept everyone's free agency (Let go), What goes around comes around, Affirmations bring results (work towards goals), Stretch to give gifts


3)Clean Motives

   Why do I think, feel, or behave as I do?


4)Focus Your Commitments

   Set goals and aim high


5) Discover Balance

   Follow positive risk patterns


6) Serve Others

   "To have no burden is the greatest burden in life."